Trump’s A Threat To Democracy? Yea, Right.

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So last night, Joe went on television and basically said that he’s not going to take any more shit from Trump. The election’s over. Finished. Done.

Who wants Trump at the inauguration anyway? I sure as hell don’t. He can go back to Florida, take the Proud Boys, MAGA and Roger Stone with him and stick them all up his fat ass. As my grandfather would say: Gai gezinta hai (read: get outta here.)

The real problem looming ahead is what does the liberal media now talk about without having Trump and his ‘assault on democracy’ to kick around? And if you think that Trump’s clumsy attempt to override the Electoral College wasn’t anything more than a chapter borrowed from the playbook of a previous national election lost by the GOP, think again.

What Trump and Stone tried to do after November 3rd was not much different than what a group of red-neck politicians tried to do in 1960 because of how they perceived Kennedy’s stand on civil rights. The campaign was led by a Constitutional champion named Ross Barnett.

Remember Barnett? He was the Governor of Mississippi who tried to prevent James Meredith from enrolling at ole Miss in 1962. In 1964, he showed up at the trial of Byron de la Beckwith, the killer of Medgar Evers, to shake Beckwith’s hand.

It’s not so easy to find public officials quite as racist today as the way guys like Barnett, Strom Thurmond and Richard Russell behaved back then. But if you pull together a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally led by the Proud Boys bunch, it’s a good start.

Anyway, let’s go back to 1960 when, according JFK’s biographer, the attempt to get members of the Electoral College to change their votes was a ‘real threat.” Except the Southerners who wanted to block Kennedy’s victory didn’t want Kennedy electors to switch to Tricky Dick. They wanted electors to vote for Robert Byrd.

These bozos didn’t try to use the Electoral College to overturn the popular vote. They wanted to hold an entirely new election with a slate of candidates who got 15 electoral votes from unpledged electors in various Southern states. With the exception of 1976, when Carter led the blue team, the 1960 election was the last time the Democrats carried the South.

The attempt in 1960 to shield the Confederacy from the specter of integration went nowhere, primarily because there was no social media. Hence, no way to communicate with the morons who now show up toting their AR’s and wander around wearing (and buying) their MAGA hats in the public space.

How does the liberal media now react to those internet-driven ‘threats?’ They trot out none other than Laurence Tribe, Harvard University’s foremost liberal Constitutional scholar, who went on CNN last night and quaked in fear because there’s an ‘armed rebellion’ that could still take place.

Armed rebellion my rear end. Know what would happen to states like Mississippi, Alabama and Texas, which another GOP idiot, Allen West, says should secede? These states would have to come up with all the money which they currently spend on schools, roads, hospitals and just about everything else – money they get from the federal fisc.

There is not one, single Confederate state whose residents receive less than $2,000 more every year from the feds than what they send to D.C. Not one.

Know why we are going to have to put up with occasional outbursts from Trump over the next couple of years? Because my friends in the Liberal media, never mind the alt-right media, won’t be able to let him go. Trump has made over 56,000 tweets since he joined Twitter in 2009, of which 10,000 were retweets and the remainder contained words like ‘loser,’ ‘moron,’ and ‘fool’ at least 400 times.

These tweets weren’t news, even thoiugh many of them were treated that way by liberal media outlets like The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and the (failing) New York Times.

Trump was never any kind of threat to democracy. We’ll now see, however, if his disappearance becomes a threat to the revenues of the liberal media, If it does, they’ll find some way to keep him around.

Why Can’t We Secede If We Don’t Like How The Election Turned Out?

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For all his bullshit and bluster, it took fat-ass Rush Limbaugh less than 24 hours to withdraw his rant about why certain states might secede. After all, it’s a felony to advocate overthrowing the U.S. Government, which is what secession happens to be.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at how government documents describe the Civil War. Officially, it’s called ‘The War of the Rebellion,’ okay?

Too bad that Rush’s lawyers probably told him to shut the f*** up before Trump got a chance to repeat that remark. In case you haven’t noticed, most of what Trump says or tweets is market-tested for him by Rush the day before. Where do you think Trump got the idea that the coronavirus wasn’t any more serious than the common cold?

Thanks to a law known as the Westfall Act [clap for Steve Case], you can’t sue Trump for defamation or libel while he’s still sitting behind the Resolute desk. Which is why he can get away with calling the parking-garage in Reno being used to treat virus patients as a ‘fake.’

On the other hand, Trump becomes legally liable for anything he says or does after January 20, 2021 because the Constitution doesn’t permit two Presidents to occupy the Oval Office at the same time, no matter what he might believe.

But before you sit back and think about how nice it is that Constitutional government and the idea of one person – one vote has been restored, let’s not forget that this country has a long, bi-partisan history when it comes to nullifying elections and governments all over the place.

Think the Iranians have forgotten that Ike sent the Marines into Iran to overthrow the Mossadegh government in 1953? Think again. How about twenty years later when Nixon ordered the CIA to get rid of Salvador Allende in Chile, who happened to have been elected President without even a murmur of election ‘fraud?’

Then there was the money and guns given by Truman to the ‘good’ side in the Greek civil war. And let’s not forget a little incident known as the Bay of Pigs, which was the handiwork of another Democrat(ic) President named JFK.

The best one of all is when we intervened in the first, post-war election in Italy, a country that had been run by a Fascist government since 1922. Even though Joe DiMaggio’s father had to carry papers identifying him as an ‘enemy alien’ during World War II, his son’s picture was plastered all over the country exhorting Italians to vote in 1946 for the Christian-Democratic Party which was formed and financed by the good ol’ USA.

Remember the invasion of Grenada in 1983 which was condemned by a General Assembly vote of 108 to 9? We sent the troops down there because a left-wing coup was allegedly resulting in attacks against Americans, but a Congressional report found that not a single American had been threatened or harmed.

I’m not saying that Joe would ever consider sending the 101st Airborne into Texas just because the state’s Attorney General is such a schmuck that he actually believes he has the legal authority to tell somewhere around 160 million Americans that they have to vote again. But I can guarantee you that once Trump gets his last free ride on Air Force One, he’ll start ramping up his calls for federal, state and local officials to join his MAGA crusade.

He’ll also try to maintain his Twitter presence by saying the most hateful, racist, divisive, and crazy things he can say. After all, it’s not as if he’ll have the authority of the Presidency to give his voice any political legitimacy at all.

In which case, I am seriously considering putting up a GoFundMe to pay the legal costs of anyone who is defamed by Trump after January 20, 2021. And if he actually does shut the f*** up and just go away, I’ll happily refund everyone’s donations or send the monies off to a charity like the charity our friend Nick Kristof runs every year.

Right now, however, don’t forget to send some bucks down to Georgia for the runoff on January 5th. Please don’t forget.

American Democracy Will Never Survive All These Threats.

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HAPPY SAFE HARBOR DAY!  If I had the time, I would put up a petition on Change.org asking that Safe Harbor Day be made a Federal holiday.

I just finished watching a CNN report about a parking garage in Arizona which has been converted into a hospital for treating patients with Covid-19. When news about this garage started going around, Donald Trump claimed it was a ‘fake.’

Know what? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if the Democrats pulled every scam imaginable to generate millions of fraudulent ballots which elected Joe and Kamala and will now send Trump and his fat ass back to Mar-a-Lago, okay? I really don’t care. Not in the slightest. Not at all.

Yesterday, another fat-ass hot-air balloon named Rush Limbaugh said he believed that certain states were on the road to secede. Know what? Let ‘em go this time.

Ask yourself this question: What have we really gotten out of the 13 facockta states that left the Union and then were forced to return in 1865? Hmmm…let’s see. We got tobacco, we got militarism, we got racism, we got poor Whites and poor Blacks. Oh, I forgot! We got jazz. Isn’t that just great? We got jazz.

Now we have yet another loony story to feed the insatiable conspiracy appetite of the alt-right, namely a comment by that idiot lady who appeared with Giuliani (he’s still in the hospital, by the way) in Michigan who now says that the virus was developed in a lab located in Wuhan which is owned by – Barak and Michelle Obama!              

Where did she make this remarkable statement? On Sarah Palin’s website. Now she’s getting into the act?  If they have to start shlepping Sarah Palin around again, that tells you all you need to know about this so-called attack on America’s most cherished democratic institutions, right?

All of this nonsense would be besides the point were it not for the fact that the liberal media is taking this crap seriously as well. We have a story from the AP that Trump’s ‘movement’ built around denying the 2020 vote is beginning to ‘take hold’ in many states.

The story cites as an example of the burgeoning wave of alt-right Trump supporters, a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts by five disappointed Republicans who ran for state and federal offices last month and lost. They are claiming the election was rigged. Let me give you an example of how much the Massachusetts results were rigged.

Take the 5th C.D., whose incumbent Congresswoman, Kathy Clark, has held the seat since 2013.  She barely squeaked by this time, getting only 75% (as in 75 percent) of the vote. Incidentally, this district has been represented by a Democrat since Paul Tsongas was elected in – ready? – 1975. 

So, we have a Congressional district that has been electing a Democrat every two years for forty-five years. That’s only the last 20 Congressional elections, okay?

Now the fact that some hard-up attorney in Massachusetts is willing to file a lawsuit seeking redress because the election of Kathy Clark was a fraud, is about as much proof of a groundswell of local support for Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn his loss as the man in the moon.

And by the way, the other two Congressional races that were ‘fixed’ only returned 65% of their votes to members of the blue team.  As for the two GOP litigants who ran for House seats in the State Assembly, one got 34% of the vote, the other got 31%. Those elections were obviously fixed, too.

So, this is what the liberal media is reduced to in trying to maintain the absurd fiction that there’s a real threat out there to American democracy led by Donald Trump and a bunch of hapless losing candidates who can’t even make their electoral behavior into real contests at all.

If we needed to somehow fix those Massachusetts elections to keep the bad guys in and the good guys out, I wish someone would tell me how to make a buck by getting into the ‘voter fraud’ game. I’m available if the price is right.

The Accidental President Becomes The Artificial President.

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              Want to really understand what the Trump Administration has been all about for the last four years? Forget the Mexican wall, forget the love affairs with Kim Jong-un and Vlady Putin, forget Manafort, Kelly, Stone, Cohen and all the other putzes who have been indicted, convicted, and sent off to Otisville or some other federal resort. Also forget Warp Speed which brought the vaccine to the UK before we got it here. Forget all that shit.

              Take a few minutes and read a little story in the (failing) New York Times. [thanks Paula.] But just before you do, you might want to glance at the NYSE ticker because you’ll notice that the day Trump was inaugurated, the NYT stock price closed at $17.65.  Yesterday it closed at $46.74, a gain of 170%. The Dow has gained 50% over the same four years.

              Anyway, there’s a 21-year-old kid named Josh Hall who lives in Mechanicsburg, PA. In case you didn’t know it, Pennsylvania happens to be one of those states which counted millions of illegal ballots that will give Joe and Kammie (and their Deep State Communists-Socialists-Fascists-terrorists buddies) four years in D.C. that they don’t deserve. These votes were so illegal and so corrupt that yesterday the Supreme Court threw out a last-gasp appeal with a one-sentence statement – no dissents. Okay, back to the real news, or the fake news, or whatever the news.

              The kid drives a food delivery truck around town. He says he wants to have an AM shock-jock radio show. He also likes to fool around on social media. His particular talent lies in creating false accounts on Twitter, including one account allegedly belonging to a group called ‘Gay Voices for Trump,’ which raised $7,300 that went into his pocket instead of going to the Trump campaign. In that respect, incidentally, he’s not doing anything all that different from what Trump has been doing with his own fundraising efforts over the past several months.

              Our boy Josh started creating fake Twitter accounts in April, ran a phony GoFundMe that netted him $800 bucks, and began posting the usual mélange of conspiracy theories and pro-Trump diatribes, basically the same kind of stuff which Steve Bannon used to raise more than $1 million to construct a chunk of the Mexican wall which went into his pocket instead.

              Over a few months, the kid created accounts for various members of the Trump family, including Fred Trump III (Donald’s nephew), Maryanne Barry, the President’s sister who is a Federal judge, and Trump’s son Barron, whose name he used to push out an August tweet that the coronavirus was a ‘scam.’

              Josh Hall hit paydirt with his fake tweets on November 20th, when Donald Trump posted a tweet thanking his sister for voicing her support for his efforts to overturn the ‘corrupt’ vote. The sister’s account was almost immediately outed as being a fake, it was deleted by Twitter along with all the other phony accounts that Hall had set up over the previous months.

              Now here’s the point. The President of the United States has nothing better to do than to actually sit there in front of his computer and read fake tweets about himself. Does he have the faintest idea about the degree to which social media has become nothing more than a playground for a bunch of children (and so-called adults) who have nothing better to do? Doesn’t he even remember how the Tik Tok kids demolished his Tulsa rally by trolling fake emails all over the place?

              I have been referring to Trump as the ‘accidental’ President since he only won in 2016 because Hillary and her team ran such a lousy campaign. What Trump has now become is the ‘artificial’ President because his entire Administration is reduced to whatever social media presence he continues to have. Except he doesn’t know anything about social media other than what he reads on his Twitter account, assuming he knows how to read.

Want To Fix An Election? Trump Will Show You How.

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              If I were to write a book about the Donald Trump presidency, it would begin and end with the opinion published yesterday by the 3rd Circuit, which rejected yet another attempt by Trump’s legal team to reverse the vote in Pennsylvania – an opinion that you can download here. The opinion was written by a judge who not only was appointed to the 3rd Circuit by none other than Donald Trump, but happens to be an active member of the Federalist Society, a “group of conservatives and libertarians dedicated to reforming the current legal order.”

            Here is how the opinion begins: “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

              Trump has been bleating about ‘massive voter fraud’ ever since his attacks on Joe as a ‘far-left radical’ didn’t make a dent in the polls and also didn’t deflect away from the miserable job he has done responding to Covid-19. However, there was only one, little problem on November 4th.

Not only did Joe win the popular vote by 52% of all votes cast, but he also racked up sizable pluralities in the must-win battleground states. He won Michigan by 150,000 votes, the margin in Nevada was more than 30,000 votes, in Pennsylvania Joe garnered 85,000 more votes than Trump.  Joe carried these three states by more than 265,000 votes. In 2016, Trump flipped these three states with a margin of slightly less than 90,000 votes.

              When ‘killer’ Rudy Giuliani stood across the street from the Fantasy Island porn shop and made his first public statement about the Pennsylvania vote, he must have mentioned the word ‘fraud’ at least four times. Twice during that bizarre performance, he stressed that what happened in Pennsylvania was ‘massive fraud.’ The phrase ‘massive fraud’ is now used by members of the Trump noise brigade (e.g., Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity) to the point that you can’t mention one word without mentioning the other.

But when Giuliani pleaded his case before the 3rd Circuit, he didn’t talk about ‘fraud’ at all. Instead, he said that some counties didn’t let Republican poll watchers get right next to the ballot counters, and also allowed voters to fix technical defects in their votes. Rudy’s been going around waving a pile of papers which he says are ‘hundreds’ of affidavits supporting these claims, but somehow no evidence of any kind was presented to the Court before, during or after his appeal.

Incidentally, the same day the 3rd Circuit told Trump and his ‘legal strike force’ to get lost, the state of Wisconsin finished its recount and found that Joe, not Trump, deserved a few more votes. This little exercise in post-election nothingness only cost the Trump campaign $3 million, money which perhaps they got from a donor in Texas who is now suing the campaign to have his donation returned in full.

On the one hand, I really wish that Trump would do what every, other loser in a Presidential election has done (with the exception of Hillary Clinton), which is to simply shut the f##k up and go away. On the other hand, he is providing us with a remarkable degree of entertainment during the holiday season, a time when newsworthy content tends to be slight.

When Trump first began ranting about a ‘rigged’ election, I thought that maybe it was a strategy designed to cover up his attempt to steal some votes. Given the closeness of the 2016 election and the miserable job he has done in the following four years, how could he imagine that he might win an honest election the second time around?

Why wouldn’t Trump sit down with Roger Stone and try to figure out how to steal the Presidential vote? After all, Dick Nixon might have fixed the 1972 election if the Watergate burglars had remembered to remove a piece of tape from the office door.

What Does Trump Do Now?

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              So it took the liberal media exactly three weeks to figure out a narrative which they can use to maintain public interest, readership, viewership, click-bait – whatever you want to call it – in what has been their single most successful storyline of all time, namely the existence and behavior of a guy named Donald Trump.

              Usually when a President leaves office, he goes gracefully into some kind of measured oblivion, still available to give speeches at the national Rotary Club or some graduation at a college that can’t attract the sitting President to give a speech. Harvard always gets the sitting President if they want. A former President can go talk at some college branch of some state university somewhere in the Midwest.

              Trump, of course, won’t bother to concede. Why should he?  There’s no law that says he has to do anything except move out of the White House at noon on January 21. And if he wants to continue kvetching about how he’s really the President except the election was ‘stolen’ from him, he’s got a good precedent to which he can always refer.

              In that respect, I happen to be referring to none other than Hillary Clinton, who made the following comment last month about how the 2016 election turned out: “I was the candidate that they basically stole an election from,” she said on a podcast hosted by The (failing) New York Times. So here she is, four years later, still kvetching about how she got screwed.

              If you want a more thorough version of this nonsense, just read the first chapter of her book, What Happened, in which she explains that she assembled the best, most experienced campaign team of all time. Had it not been for Russian interference and leaked emails, she would have won going away.

              Did Hillary stop shooting her mouth off after she published her book? To the contrary, she appeared almost as frequently on media shows as she appeared during the campaign. She started a PAC in 2017 that to all intents and purposes, existed simply to keep herself in the game. In March of this year when Bernie and Joe were slugging it out in the primary campaign, she had the unbelievable arrogance to publicly state that she didn’t think Bernie was the party’s strongest candidate to go up against Trump.

              The only difference between the way Hillary has behaved over the last four years and how Trump will behave over the next four years is that while both of them lost a Presidential campaign, Trump also won an election, by the way. And this gives him a degree of presence and media targeting that Hillary simply can’t match.

              Trump’s only problem, and it’s a serious problem for someone with his degree of ego, is that he’s no longer the titular head of the GOP. Mark my words, by the time we get into the 2022 election cycle, he’ll be competing against other Republicans who will be talking about running for President in 2024.

              The moment you’re an outgoing rather than in incoming President, you have nothing to give away. There are no more jobs in your Administration, no more Ambassadorships, no more nothing except you and your Secret Service detail. You can be the most powerful politician of all time, but there’s always a long line of folks just itching to take your place. And the line used to be made up only of men. Now the line includes lots of women (think: Kamala Harris) too.

              Trump is facing one more problem as well. No matter how you say it or tweet it, no matter how crazy, or nasty you say what you say, it just doesn’t get people excited when you’re no longer the big dog. Think anyone will really pay attention if Trump tweets something about some ‘shithole country’ next year? And if the public doesn’t care, the media won’t care, that’s for sure.

              On the other hand, now that Trump will no longer be protected by the immunity granted to the person who sits behind the Resolute desk, maybe he’ll welcome being hauled into court.

A New Reality-TV Show: The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – Starring Rudy Giuliani

               The events of the last several days could only be a Reality-TV comedy script. They can’t be imagined except they actually took place.

              Let’s call the show The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And here’s the script for Segment #1.

Opening scene: The election ‘fraud’ legal scorecard stands at 25 to 1. This is the number of separate claims about election fraud that have been submitted to courts in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania; the last remaining issue in Pennsylvania will probably be bounced tomorrow or even later today.

              Second scene: The Georgia recount that will be completed by this evening and may, if anything, increase Joe’s lead. The 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Boys start talking about doing a partial recount in Wisconsin, but they need to scratch up the cash to pay for the recount to take place. Given the campaign’s current financial status (they owe somewhere above a million bucks), nobody’s about to give them a COD.

              Third scene: Not one, but two law firms have requested to be removed from the Pennsylvania court case. But that’s okay because the entire legal challenge to the Deep State’s attempt to steal the election is now being run by none other than the President’s attorney – Rudy Giuliani – who submitted a request to the Pennsylvania court that he be allowed to enter the case. Among other statements made in his request to appear, Giuliani said that he was currently in good standing in every bar to which he had ever been admitted.

              Scene Number Four: Giuliani was admitted to the D.C. Bar, but at some point, forgot to pay his dues. So, he’s not, in fact, a member in good standing in every jurisdiction in which he’s practiced law. The scene ends with the judge in Pennsylvania has overlooked the fact that Rudy made a statement about himself which happens not to be true.

              Fifth Scene:  The attorney replacing all the other lawyers who have withdrawn from the Pennsylvania case, Marc Scaringi, is also right-wing radio talk show host out of Harrisburg. This is what he said last week about the legal action he is now representing: “At the end of the day, in my view, the litigation will not work. It will not reverse this election.” So, the attorney trying to prove voter fraud in Pennsylvania is already on record as saying that he can’ win the case? End Scene Five.

              The last scene in our first segment of The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is the best of all. It turns out that our boy Rudy wants to charge the Trump campaign $20,000 a day for his legal expertise. Not twenty grand a week or a month. Twenty big ones every day. Of course, when the news leaks out, Rudy immediately claims it was nothing more than another lie from the Deep State.

              Every, single scene described above has really taken place. Yet I, for one, refuse to go along with the liberal media’s narrative that the country will somehow suffer because Trump continues to direct and produce this new reality-TV show instead of letting a transition to the Biden Administration take place.

If I were putting together a group to govern the country after January 20, 2021, the last thing I would want any member of that group to do would be to discuss anything with anyone who works for Trump. Trump’s entire post-election behavior is being orchestrated by a group of trusted advisors who believe they can enrich themselves by convincing a gullible President that they have a plan which will successfully keep him in office for a second term.

              Think I’m crazy? Ask yourself what has been happening to every, single member of Trump’s inner circle who voices the slightest degree of concern about how things are being done.

              Stay tuned for Segment 2 of The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Can Trump Challenge The Election?

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Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

              Notwithstanding the fact that Trump’s poll numbers are moving downward to the trash heap, I continue to be depressingly surprised at how he continues to define and control the public narrative in the 2020 Presidential campaign.

              Give Trump one week and all this nonsense about how we will ‘beat’ the virus by fighting it together will disappear. And the messaging next week will probably go back to how and why the election results should be rejected because they will represent just another liberal ‘fraud.’

              And the moment that Trump, for the umpteenth time, refuses to speculate on whether he will accept the electoral results, the mainstream media will respond by writing and saying that Trump’s a threat to democracy, that he’s trying to imitate Putin and install an autocratic regime, that we are heading for a governmental crisis the likes of which has never been seen before. We’ll get this nonsense from Bob Woodward and everyone else.

              It’s crap. And the reason it’s crap is because we know exactly what Trump would have to do to challenge the November results, and such a challenge presupposes that Trump has either the organizational or financial wherewithal to mount such a legal assault..

              It really doesn’t matter whether the Supreme Court adds another conservative justice who could tilt an electoral decision towards Trump. The Supreme Court won’t even hear a challenge to the outcome if it isn’t first run through a state court. And in order for any court to hear such a case, the plaintiff, in this case Trump, would have to first show that the so-called ‘fraud’ was such so as to affect the outcome of the race.

              Every time someone starts kvetching about how the GOP ‘stole’ the 2000 election by finding a friendly judge in a Florida court, they neglect to mention that in the entire national election, Bush and Gore split 101 million votes by a difference of one-half of one percent, and Bush wound up with 271 versus 267 electoral votes.

They also neglect to mention that the two candidates split 5.8 million votes in Florida by a difference of 537 votes.  In other words, a national election came down to the results of one state in which the winner ended up getting .00009 percent of the statewide vote. Now who wouldn’t contest an election result like that?

So a candidate can’t just decide to challenge the outcome of an election. In order to mount a challenge, here’s what, according to a Republican election lawyer, you have to do: “You have to know how many votes either from fraud or by mistake. And it has to be enough votes to cover the margin between the candidates. And so, if you think that you have to go out and actually get this evidence, you have to find voters, you have to election records, and you have to quantify this, and you have to do it in a time period of about a month.”

You think that Trump has the organizational apparatus to conduct such a strategy in one state?  He can’t even put together a coherent message about his illness that doesn’t contain multiple mistakes, take-backs and outright lies. You can lie to CNN all you want. It’s not quite that easy to lie to a judge.

But the more important reason why the refusal of Trump to accept the election results is just so much cockarei (translation: bullshit) is because the way things are going, this election isn’t even close. As of this morning, Joe isn’t ahead in the national polls by one-half of one percent. He’s ahead by almost 9 percent, the widest gap since mid-July.

Things are a little tighter in the 4 states (MI, PA, MN, WI) that Joe needs to sew things up. He’s only up by 7% or more in each of those states, which is a lot more than the tiny fraction that Bush ended up ahead of Gore in the 2000 count from the Sunshine State.

Do yourself and me a favor. Stop worrying about a totally-contrived political narrative and send Joe some dough.  Or do it tomorrow night while Kammie is wiping the floor with Mike Pence.

A High 5 to Drew Kadel for suggesting this column.

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