Why Should Trump Concede?

After watching five minutes of Rudy Giuliani’s press conference yesterday at the RNC, I really hope that Trump will never concede. In fact, what would really be great would be if Trump could figure out how to continue pretending to be President after Joe is sworn in on January 20, 2021. And if you have the slightest doubt that Joe isn’t about to become the 46th President of the United States, take a look at the results out of Georgia after the votes were counted again.

The liberal media’s noise about how the lack of a transition from Trump to Biden will create great risks to the country is just so much bunk, that’s all it is. As I pointed out in a previous column (but repetition’s the key to good teaching), the whole point of a transition is to allow the new Administration to figure out how to reward their various supporters and donors with staff appointments in federal agencies; it has nothing to do with how these agencies are actually run.

This morning I listened to Carl Bernstein telling CNN that the roadblock created by Trump has made it impossible for the Biden team to get up to speed with a plan to deal with Covid-19. And what exactly would Biden’s virus task force learn from talking to the Trump virus task force whose main accomplishment seems to have been casting doubt on the expertise of the CDC? I can just hear Trump’s medical expert, Scott Atlas, explaining to the Biden team why herd immunity is the fastest and most successful strategy for bringing infection rates way down.

And if you think that Rudy’s out there all by his lonesome performing on behalf of the Trump campaign, take a quick listen to what another member of the Giuliani gang, attorney Sidney Powell had to say. You can hear her claims about money coming into the Biden campaign from Communist countries like China and Venezuela, except her bizarre statements were challenged by Tucker Carlson! When was the last time that Fox’s chief liberal basher criticized anything said by anyone connected in any way to Trump?

So, this is what the Trump Presidency is reduced to – using up its increasingly smaller amount of credibility, as if Trump ever had any real credibility, by using the same, totally discredited PR script again and again.

I also watched bits and pieces of Joe’s ZOOM meetings with the Covid-19 experts, the economic planners, and the gaggle of red and blue state Governors. The meetings were professional, the discussions serious and sustained, based on hard data and facts. But these presentations were boring as hell.

I want to be entertained, particularly because I am spending so much time at home. Which is why I only hope that Trump can figure out a way to extend his Presidency even though he won’t actually hold the title legally after January 20, 2021.

I got it. The way they do it in Europe is that the country is run by a Prime Minister, elected by the party in Parliament that controls the most seats. Then there’s also a President, who does all those ceremonial things. He or she cuts ribbons when a new supermarket opens up, meets foreign dignitaries at the airport, reads books to 3rd-graders and always visits the sick and the lame stuck in hospitals or at home.

Trump could do these tasks perfectly. Know why? Because he’s had plenty of practice over the last four years.

You think he’s actually gotten anything done? Oh yea, his wife spruced up the Rose Garden so they could hold a big event that spread Covid-19 all over the place.

Now the last thing we need is to figure out a title for this new position which Trump will use after Joe is sworn in.

I got it! We’ll call him MAGA-in-Chief and he can continue to sell his MAGA hats. After all, isn’t making a few bucks for himself and his friends what his Administration has been all about?

Why Does Trump Keep Challenging The Results?

              If anyone thought I was using yesterday’s column to overstate the degree to which Trump is using this ‘rigged election’ nonsense to build his MAGA brand, I suggest you take a look at this article in yesterday’s WaPo [thanks Paula] which lays out in detail how the Trump campaign is shutting down.

              Want to know why Trump’s campaign is closing up shop? It’s not because he’s lost every, single legal challenge that he brought against the Biden campaign [Thanks again Paula.] It’s because the campaign is broke.

              The Federal Election Commission has just posted financial data that ruins through October 31st. We’ll have to wait another month to get the final numbers for the 2019-2020 campaign expenditures and receipts, but he current data goes far enough.

              How much money did the Biden campaign receive beginning in 2019? Try $952,259,368, of which $720 million and change came from individual contributions, the other $229 mill from various committees (i.e., all those PACS.)

              How much did Trump pull in during the same period of time? A whole, big $533,843,893, of which $317 million was individually donated, with another $214 million sent over by the PACS and other groups.

              Trump received 5.5 million individual contributions and many people donated to his campaign more than once. Know how many individual donations Joe and Kammie received? Try 8.6 million donations, okay?

              In other words, an incumbent President who ran around the country appearing at more than 75 large public rallies and events during the first three years of his Administration, pulled in half as much money as the challenger raised, and only 40% of the funds that accounted for individual donations to the Biden campaign.

              Now let’s look at one other number and compare the two campaigns. As of October 31st, the total debt of the Biden campaign was a big, fat zero. For all the talk about how Democrats like to spend money they don’t have, that certainly wasn’t how Joe ran his campaign. On the other hand, the Trump campaign owed $1.2 million as of October 31st, and if he wants to continue contesting the election results, the debt will only increase.

              Trump has demanded recounts in a number of battleground states but there’s only one little problem. Want to get the votes counted again? Pay for the privilege. To recount in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan would cost the Trump campaign millions of bucks. They don’t have millions of bucks. They have gurnisht, a Yiddish word which means zero as in zilch.

              It turns out the good news for Trump is that he can use money that is donated to his campaign to cover these and other legal costs any way he chooses to use the dough. Last week Trump and his minions began asking supporters to donate money to something called the ‘election defense fund.’ The purpose of this fund is to pay the costs of ‘defending the integrity’ of the election, so it is said.

              Except if you read the fine print of these solicitations, it turns out that half of any monies received will go to pay down the campaign’s debt. Do you know anyone who ever reads the fine print? I don’t, and that includes me.

              Want the really good news? The word is now out that Joe doesn’t want to see any post-election investigations of Trump. He doesn’t want the federal investigation of Trump’s tax returns to go forward, ditto any investigations of how or why Trump grants legal immunity to members of his staff. The official story is that Joe feels that such activity would further divide the country. Fine.

              Here’s the real reason that Joe’s thinking enough is enough.  Because if the government leaves Trump alone, then he can sit on his rear end in Mar-a-Lago, tweet to his heart’s content and nobody will pay attention to him at all. Can you imagine a world in which the liberal media has to actually go out, dig up and report real news?

Don’t Worry. It’s Not Over But It’s Over.

              Yesterday, one of  The New Yorker Magazine’s chief political spieler, Amy Davidson Sorkin, summed up the 2020 campaign this way: “Trump’s continued hold on the votes and imaginations of so many Americans suggests that his Presidency represents not just a tragedy but a national crisis of character.” 

              To me, this statement represents everything that has gone wrong with current liberal reactions to Trump, as well as to how the election will ultimately spill out, no matter who wins.

              I wonder if Amy Sorkin ever heard of Viet Nam. For sure, she’s too young to remember Korea.  Those were tragedies, and they were both the handwork of Democrats. If Gore had been President in 2001, we probably would have ended up with a million troops in the Near East.

              Democrats love to start useless wars that they can’t figure out how to end. And by the way Amy, your alma mater, Harvard University, is the school which supplied the great brains that got us into Viet Nam. So I don’t need arrogant lectures from you on what constitutes a national tragedy, okay?

              Trump hasn’t been a tragedy; he’s been a farce. He has made more promises to do more things that never got done than probably all the other  44 Presidents combined over the previous 217 years. Remember his Mexican wall?

              What Joe has going for him is one simple fact of political life.  It’s tough to win an election to any public office if the people who do the voting don’t particularly like who you are. Do they dislike you because of how you look, or how you talk? Do they dislike you because you’re in favor of some things that they’re against? WTFK, okay?

All I know is that less than four months after he was inaugurated, Trump’s approval rating sunk to 40%, and it has never gone above 45% from then until now. And with the exception of a couple of weeks in late March, early April of this year, his approval rating has sat down at or below 40%.

Biden, on the other hand, usually rings up at or above a 50% approval rating in all the national polls. CNN put him at 55% last week, so did Fox News. In the same Fox poll, Trump’s disapproval rating was 55%. When was the last time that Fox News gave out better number for a Democrat than for someone from the GOP?

We won’t know exactly who voted for Trump versus who votes for Joe for at least another couple of days. But I’m willing to bet that just as Joe may have pulled out more Democrats this year that Hillary pulled out in 2016, so some of the 2016 folks who voted for Trump may have decided to go blue this time around. Or maybe some folks voted for GOP candidates but didn’t vote for Trump.

In Arizona, foe example, which is still a contested state, so far with 88% of the expected vote counted, Trump has gotten 12% more votes this year than he received in 2016. But Joe’s vote total right now is 27% higher than what Hillary got four years ago! When you look at those kinds of numbers, the idea that Arizona should still be in the GOP is something of a joke.

Now look at Georgia, which is almost done counting votes and Trump is ahead by 49.51% to 49.25%. Trump’s votes total this year is 16.6% over what he received in 2016. Joe’s vote number is – ready? – 29.5% higher than the blue number in 2016.

If Trump had actually done anything in the last four years, I would be willing to bet that he would have made a real and possibly tragic mess out of whatever he touched. But the only thing he’s done is exactly what he is doing now – shooting his mouth off with a combination of stupidity, braggadocio, insults, and empty threats.

And if he fires Anthony Fauci tomorrow, good for him. Dr. Fauci could use a break before he starts working for President Joe.  

What Happened Yesterday?

              I have been a registered Democrat since 1966 when I voted for someone named Frank O’Connor who lost to Nelson Rockefeller for Governor of New York State. And even after yesterday’s results, I’ll continue to vote Democratic for the rest of my life.

              But there’s really something badly in need of fixing in the Democratic Party if we can’t win a Presidential election against a deranged asshole who says the pandemic is the result of physicians getting paid to report that people are dying from Covid-19.

              We couldn’t win Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio – again?  These three states have suffered almost 20,000 coronavirus deaths and Trump wins every, single one? That’s simply not possible, except it is.

              Want to blame Trump’s victory on the Russians? Go right ahead. Want to blame his re-election on conspiracy theories floating around alt-right websites? Go right ahead. Want to invent some other reason why half of America doesn’t get offended when he says that every attempt at honest journalism is ‘fake news?’ Go right ahead.

              But here’s the bottom line. I’m almost willing to take the short odds right now that when all is said and done, the 2020 election may end up being almost an exact replica of what happened in 2016 – Joe will get a majority of the popular vote and Trump will be the President for another four years. Because unless Joe pulls out a bunch of not-yet-counted votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan, he can’t win.

              On the other hand, if Trump ends up being declared the winner in those two states plus Georgia and North Carolina – he is currently ahead in all four states – he goes back to the White House with the requisite electoral votes.

              Trump has already begun demanding that the counting of mail-in ballots be stopped because he knows those votes will probably come in for Biden and not for him. But he also knows that it ain’t over until it’s over, no matter what he says. And no judge anywhere in the United States is about to interfere in the counting of legal votes.

              That being said, in the best of all possible worlds, the votes Joe needs in Michigan will arrive and get counted, and on his third try to be President, Joe will finally snag the brass ring. The Senate looks like it will remain red; the House will be solidly blue again. As my Grandfather would say, “det’s det.”

              Either way, I still think we need to ask ourselves whether what we believe about how people think and behave is necessarily true. Because one of the basic, most fundamental tenets of liberalism is that we are all equal, no matter what. Which means that the results of the last two elections need to be understood not just as accidents, but as a reflection of the fact that maybe half of all Americans don’t agree with that idea at all.

              In which case, how does the Democratic Party develop a message and a political stance that makes the other side think twice or maybe three times before supporting another Trump-like character or worse?

              I don’t have a quick and easy answer to that question. But what I do know is that most of the time, political parties only question their basic attitudes and strategies when they lose. What I am suggesting is that even if Joe and Kammie end up as the winners this year, we need to think long and hard about how and why people develop and retain their political beliefs.

              I have watched a number of Trump supporters explain how they voted, and again and again it seems to me that what they say is simply something that popped into their heads the second they were asked to explain their vote. I hear things like, “He’s a business guy. He knows how to get things done.” Or better, “he’s authentic. What he says is what he means.” Or better yet, “You can trust him. He’s telling you the truth.”

              Now have any of these individuals ever attempted to validate their ideas through any kind of reality test?  But why bother? Four years from now they’ll vote again and spend about as much time thinking about how they are going to vote as they spent this year.

              Liberals really subscribe to the idea that words have real meanings. I’m not so sure the other side would agree.

What If Trump Wins?

              I was born in 1944. Which means I was 9 years old when the Supreme Court decided Brown v. Board of Education in 1953. I remember it very well because until 1954, I was a student in a segregated school whose student body then became more Black than White within one year.

              I didn’t attend a public school in Louisiana, or Alabama, or one of those Southern states. My grammar school, West Elementary, was located on Farragut Avenue between 13th Street and 14th Street, right in the middle of Washington, D.C.

              That’s right. The District of Columbia, the seat of the Federal Government, was segregated not by custom but by law. I lived less than three miles from the National Archives which displays an original copy of the Constitution containing the 13th Amendment which says that Blacks are just as free as Whites, but until Brown v. Board, Blacks couldn’t live in my neighborhood, they couldn’t go to my school. Not by choice, but by law.

              Slavery was and remains a curse on this country. This is because our slave system was the most draconian and punitive of any slave system ever devised. We were the only society which enforced a slave system that had no grounds for manumission at all. Once you were a slave, you were always a slave, and not just for the span of your own life. Every Black person living in the United States in 1865 was a slave, even though the slave trade ended in 1808.

              My family moved from D.C. to New York in 1956. I went on a Freedom Ride in 1958. Our bus took us to a diner on U.S. Route 40 in Delaware which didn’t serve Blacks. When you drove across the Delaware Memorial Bridge and got on Route 40, because I-95 didn’t yet exist, the first roadside stand where you could stop to pee had a sign prominently displayed: ‘Colored – around back’.

              When Black kids showed up in the 5th grade of my grammar school, I remember that some of my White classmates began using words like ‘nigger’ to express how they felt about this change. I had never heard that word used before but I knew from the anger and fear I felt from these White kids that the word meant something very bad. Something scared them, something had gone wrong.

              From that day to this day, I have never understood how or why anyone believes themselves to be better than anyone else. I simply don’t comprehend how such ideas can swirl around in anyone’s head. But there’s lots of other things I don’t understand about how humans think and behave. We really do have feet of clay.

              That being said, I also believe that the worst thing that will happen if Trump is re-elected is that we will have to put up with his daily exercise in demeaning the office and stature of the Presidency for another four years. We won’t lose our Constitution; we won’t lose our civil rights. I don’t even think women will lose their right to choose. I’ll just spend the next four years watching movies instead of CNN on my TV.

              Friends of mine keep telling me that Trump is a ‘fascist.’ I lived in Spain during the worst, most repressive years of the Franco regime. That was Fascism. This is nothing more than a bloated, reality-TV personality who figured out that anyone can become President if he can find two-tenths of one percent of the total votes cast in three rust-belt states.

              I really hope Trump gets his assed kicked in and takes his new movie-star buddy Rudy Giuliani along with him when he leaves. But if he somehow manages to find another two-tenths of one percent of the votes in some swing states I’ll survive and so will you.

              Which is to say you’ll survive if you remember to wear your mask.

What Happened Last Night? Nothing Happened.

 Five minutes into last night’s debate I had to live up to yesterday’s declaration and I sent Joe his thousand bucks.  That’s how long it took Joe to mention Trump’s China bank account and to go after Trump for never releasing his tax returns. And as far as I’m concerned, the debate ended right then and there although I watched through to the end. 

You would have thought, by the way, that Joe was the incumbent and Trump the challenger, if only because to deflect attention from his own failures, Trump kept brining up what Joe did and didn’t do when he and Barack were running things between 2008 and 2016.

One point needs a bit of clarification right now.  Trump kept saying again and again how he had created this wonderful, historically-strong economy and he used as his ‘proof’ how the Dow has moved upwards since 2017.  In fact, since he was inaugurated, the Dow has gone from 19,864 to its current close at 28,363, an increase of 43%.  On January 30, 2009, the Dow was at 8,000. By the time Barack and Joe left office, the Dow had climbed up by more than 140%. Who’s kidding whom?

What was evident last night is that Trump’s ability in 2016 to speak to the ‘fuck you’ voter was the perfect script when you’re challenging a long-time Establishment figure whom nobody liked. It doesn’t go down when you now represent the Establishment, even though Trump claimed again and again that he’s not a ‘politician.’ As far as I’m concerned, every time he tried to pretend that he was still some kind of outsider, he fell flat on his face.

As of this morning, the polls still don’t show any  beginnings of a last-minute surge for Trump. On October 15, Joe’s lead over Trump was 10.5%, 52.4% to 41.9%. As of this morning, Joe’s lead is 9.8%, 52% to 42.3%.  In 2016, the national aggregate polls had Hillary up by 45.3% to 39.3%, a gap of  6%. But note that almost 16% of respondents hadn’t yet made up their minds. But nine days before the actual election on November 8th, Hillary was still at 45% but Trump was at almost 41%, and 4 days before the election, he had narrowed the gap to less than 4%. And there were still 13% Sedaris dog-shit voters out there.

I don’t see any kind of movement like that this time around, and neither do polling professionals who have a lot more experience than me. None other than one of the GOP’s most heralded pollsters, Frank Luntz, predicted yesterday that Trump simply doesn’t have enough time to catch up.

Luntz also made the point that in the final statement by both Trump and Biden, the latter talked about bringing the country ‘together,’ the former just went through some usual attacks on Biden again. This script worked for Trump in 2016 because he truly was an outsider. So this time around Trump changed his delivery style somewhat but the message was the same.

Last point: When they started arguing about medical care, Trump accused Joe of just following the Bernie push for ‘socialized’ medicine and mumbled something about the ‘terrible’ medical situation in Vermont. In fact, Vermont with its ‘socialized’ medical-care system has the lowest rate of Covid-19 cases of any state by far. The national rate per 1,000 people is 25,657; Vermont’s rate is 3,172.

The real reason that Joe is (hopefully) going to win the election is because as my accountant father used to say, figures don’t lie but liars sure can figure. And when Trump once again lied by saying that he ‘couldn’t’ release his tax returns while they were under audit, he was just replaying his same, tired old script again.

Where Do We Stand With 6 Weeks To Go?

              All of a sudden, there’s only 6 weeks left before the big deal. And while the Supreme Court issue provides a bit of a diversion, I’m also convinced that everyone’s sick and tired of the campaign.  Unfortunately, the latest polls show that the campaign is just getting serious, and that whatever happens between now and November 3rd, the brass ring is still up for grabs.

              Here’s the good news. The national aggregate poll from Nate has Biden at 50.4%, Trump at 43.6%. On September 18, Joe was down to 50.1%, the uptick over the last several days is a good sign. The better news is that the Sedaris dog-shit number is now 6%, the smallest amount of dog-shit recorded since the campaign began. If every, single piece of dog-shit voted for Trump, the Biden-Harris ticket would still win the national, popular vote.

              That’s the good news. Now here’s the not-so-good news.  Overall, Joe continues to run ahead of Trump in the average of all 12 swing states – 47.87% to 45.11%. But on September 1st, he led overall 47.93% to 45.13%. So Trump has lost 2/10ths of a percent, but Joe has lost 6/10ths of a percent in the overall percentage of the 12 swing states.

              Here’s how it looked on September 1st:

              Now you may want to think that I’m just trying to get everyone hot and bothered so that they’ll continue to read my daily posts. But remember this: We have been living through a God-awful pandemic which has now killed more than 200,000 Americans because Trump flipped 3 states by a total of 7/10ths of one(!) percent in the votes cast in those three states.

              There’s a reason why Trump is doing two public rallies today in Ohio, okay? Now these events don’t draw anywhere near the number of people who came out to see him in 2016. And his campaign is indulging in a bit of wishful thinking by calling itself the ‘Great American Comeback’ campaign. With the exception of Wisconsin, where Trump is right now far behind, every other swing state has a mortality rate from the virus which ranks it in the top half of all 50 states.

              But things can always change in the last 6 weeks of any Presidential race. Trump could figure out a way to take credit for a vaccine that might actually start being injected into human beings at the local pharmacy before November 3rd. Or maybe he’ll dig up yet another phony scandal involving Joe or his son. Or maybe the North Koreans will suddenly send a battalion across the demilitarized zone. Who the hell knows?

              Truthfully, I don’t think there’s much, if any chance that any of those events will come to pass. What worries me is one thing and one thing only, namely, that the dog-shit vote appears to be slightly higher in the swing states than in the country as a whole. And worse, it has grown slightly larger from two weeks ago.

While I can’t imagine how any living adult, other than someone who is unconscious and hooked up to a life-support machine could still be undecided about how they are going to vote, I just hope that Joe and Kammie can figure out a way to get some of those swing states back over 50%.

Is There A Way For Trump To Win?

              If I feel a total contempt for anyone active in the political arena these days, it’s not the politicians themselves, not even Donald Trump. The ones I believe are the worst of all the worst are political commentators, op-ed writers and consultants who started out as liberals and then went the other way.

People like Geraldo and Juan Williams really make my skin crawl because if you decide that liberalism isn’t your bag, that’s fine. So go do something else. Make a pizza, drive a cab, lay brick, but don’t turn around and help out the other side. Particularly when the other side is led by someone named – ucchh – I can’t even say his friggin’ name.

              Another member of the turncoat group is Doug Schoen. He flitted in and out of the Clinton orbit and has also done consulting work for Bloomberg’s brief Presidential campaign. But the bottom line is that he’s a Republican, and his true colors are on display in a piece in The Hill which basically says that you-know-who still has a good chance of winning the Presidential race.

              Here’s the basic argument that Schoen makes about the polls: “While Biden leads nationally and in several battleground states, many of his leads in swing states are even tighter than they were for Hillary Clinton in 2016, notably in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida, all states that she lost.” He then notes that Arizona has become a clear battleground state, ditto Florida where the Cook Report now rates as a ‘toss-up’ rather than a Biden ‘lean.’

              What Schoen forgets to mention is that Biden doesn’t need Florida or Arizona. He doesn’t even need Nevada where Trump appeared today before his usual Nuremburg-type crowd. Unless something really crazy happens in the Commie/Socialist/Sanctuary/BLM states, Joe needs 50% plus 1 in Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and PA. That’s it. Fartig – finished. Done.

              As for Schoen’s missive, either he doesn’t know how to read polls, or he’s lying, or both. When he says that Joe’s lead in states like Michigan and PA is smaller than what Hillary enjoyed at the same time in 2016, he’s only referring to the gap in the percentage of poll respondents who indicated for whom they were going to vote.

              Right now, Joe has a 6.5-point lead in Michigan and a 5.0 lead in PA. At this date in 2016, Clinton had bigger leads in both states but, and this is a very important but, the dog-shit responses in both states (i.e., other named candidates or not yet sure) was twice as high for Hillary as it now is for Joe. If Trump were to grab every voter who says he or she is voting Libertarian plus half the voters who still can’t figure anything out, he would still lose both states.

              Most of Schoen’s column is spent talking about the growth of Hispanic support for Trump in Florida, particularly in Miami Dade County. The same day that Schoen’s column appeared, the Florida Lt. Governor announced that Trump has really ‘delivered’ to the Latino community, and that his popularity is based on the fact that “Latinos care about faith, they care about family and they care about freedom, and Joe Biden doesn’t stand for any of those things.”

              Know what else Trump has delivered to Miami Dade County? A death-rate from Covid-19 which is twice as high as the death rate in Florida as a whole. Miami Dade County represents 10% of the state’s total population and the virus mortality number is at 2,900 out of 12,800 statewide virus deaths.

              But let’s say that even with the pandemic in Florida not being under control, that Biden is simply too much of a Socialist for the Latino population this year. So what? He doesn’t need Florida and by the way, the statewide polls for Arizona, which also has a large Latino population, happen to be running stronger for Joe.

              Here’s how the battleground looks today:

              Joe is at or almost at the magic 50-mark in 5 states. Both guys have dropped a tiny bit in several states and pushed up a bit in several other states. Bottom line: nothing has changed. But the most important news is that together, the dog-shit number in all 12 states is under 7. Which means that in order for you-know-who to get re-elected, he has to convince a bunch of Biden supporters to switch to him. 

              That’s what makes the 2020 campaign so different from 2016.

Weekly Update On Senate Races.

 As promised, the purpose of today’s column is to update the status of Senate races which might flip from red to blue and help bring the federal government back to some kind of reality stance. Above is how the races looked as of yesterday’s polls:

Note that the blue candidates in two races – Arizona and Colorado – are at or near the magic 50% mark. If you compare this chart to last week’s chart, you’ll see that in none of these races has the GOP candidate narrowed the gap. However, with the exception of Arizona and Colorado, the other 4 races could still go either way. But what these numbers underscore was the message that Mitch McConnell sent to the entire GOP Senate caucus this week.

              Last week Trump tried to divert attention away again from his massive failure to do anything about the corona virus by saying something incredibly stupid about postponing the election beyond November 3rd. The comment drew immediate rebukes from the entire Senate GOP leadership group, none of whom would have said one friggin’ word without clearing their remarks all the way up the leadership chain. Trump has also been ranting about the mail-in voter ‘fraud,’ but here again he’s a voice out there by himself.

              The Democrats apparently fear that if the election goes their way, that Trump and his supporters will do whatever they can do to prevent the election results from taking place. To which all I want to say is that if we make sure that everyone votes early and often on November 3rd, that on November 4th Trump will be able to count all his supporters on the fingers of one hand.

              If you take a look at a national map of Covid-19 infections, you’ll notice that the infection rates may have initially been highest in blue states with large, inner-city, minority populations, but now the pandemic is tearing its way through many red states. And from the beginning of the crisis, Trump defined the federal response in partisan-political terms, which meant there would be no national response because why waste time, money, and resources on populations in states who won’t help you get re-elected anyway?

              I’m not being paranoid or indulging in my own version of a conspiracy theory by saying that the President of the United States is killing people to further his political goals. I am saying that credible evidence is now emerging which shows this to be the case. When Trump made the decision in March to forego a national testing plan, he was relying on the judgement of Dr. Deborah Birx, who claimed that high infection rates in cities like Chicago and New York didn’t necessarily mean that other, less-urbanized state populations were at risk. And Dr. Birx bolstered her advice to Trump with two studies which have since been retracted by the medical journals where they appeared because they were so wrong.

              Guess what? If your campaign strategy is based on suppressing the minority vote and turning out the highest possible number of voters from non-urban states, then Birx’s approach isn’t just predictive, it’s also a convenient, self-fulfilling prophecy around which a national campaign strategy can and should be built. Unfortunately, the Tulsa rally debacle laid that bright idea to rest, and I notice how a Trump campaign ‘official’ said the New Hampshire rally might take place in mid-August. And I’ll lose 10 pounds on my latest diet by mid-August. Yea, right.

              Here’s today’s national ‘red spot’ map from the ‘failing’ New York Times:

              Where are the worst hit spot-clusters?  In red states like Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, and Tennessee – states which Trump needs. But as one medical expert that Trump doesn’t listen to said, “The virus does what it wants to do. We don’t tell it what to do.”

              On November 3rd, however, we can tell Donald Trump what to do. He can kiss America’s rear end in Macy’s window.  That’s what he can do.