A New Reality-TV Show: The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – Starring Rudy Giuliani

               The events of the last several days could only be a Reality-TV comedy script. They can’t be imagined except they actually took place.

              Let’s call the show The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And here’s the script for Segment #1.

Opening scene: The election ‘fraud’ legal scorecard stands at 25 to 1. This is the number of separate claims about election fraud that have been submitted to courts in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania; the last remaining issue in Pennsylvania will probably be bounced tomorrow or even later today.

              Second scene: The Georgia recount that will be completed by this evening and may, if anything, increase Joe’s lead. The 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Boys start talking about doing a partial recount in Wisconsin, but they need to scratch up the cash to pay for the recount to take place. Given the campaign’s current financial status (they owe somewhere above a million bucks), nobody’s about to give them a COD.

              Third scene: Not one, but two law firms have requested to be removed from the Pennsylvania court case. But that’s okay because the entire legal challenge to the Deep State’s attempt to steal the election is now being run by none other than the President’s attorney – Rudy Giuliani – who submitted a request to the Pennsylvania court that he be allowed to enter the case. Among other statements made in his request to appear, Giuliani said that he was currently in good standing in every bar to which he had ever been admitted.

              Scene Number Four: Giuliani was admitted to the D.C. Bar, but at some point, forgot to pay his dues. So, he’s not, in fact, a member in good standing in every jurisdiction in which he’s practiced law. The scene ends with the judge in Pennsylvania has overlooked the fact that Rudy made a statement about himself which happens not to be true.

              Fifth Scene:  The attorney replacing all the other lawyers who have withdrawn from the Pennsylvania case, Marc Scaringi, is also right-wing radio talk show host out of Harrisburg. This is what he said last week about the legal action he is now representing: “At the end of the day, in my view, the litigation will not work. It will not reverse this election.” So, the attorney trying to prove voter fraud in Pennsylvania is already on record as saying that he can’ win the case? End Scene Five.

              The last scene in our first segment of The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is the best of all. It turns out that our boy Rudy wants to charge the Trump campaign $20,000 a day for his legal expertise. Not twenty grand a week or a month. Twenty big ones every day. Of course, when the news leaks out, Rudy immediately claims it was nothing more than another lie from the Deep State.

              Every, single scene described above has really taken place. Yet I, for one, refuse to go along with the liberal media’s narrative that the country will somehow suffer because Trump continues to direct and produce this new reality-TV show instead of letting a transition to the Biden Administration take place.

If I were putting together a group to govern the country after January 20, 2021, the last thing I would want any member of that group to do would be to discuss anything with anyone who works for Trump. Trump’s entire post-election behavior is being orchestrated by a group of trusted advisors who believe they can enrich themselves by convincing a gullible President that they have a plan which will successfully keep him in office for a second term.

              Think I’m crazy? Ask yourself what has been happening to every, single member of Trump’s inner circle who voices the slightest degree of concern about how things are being done.

              Stay tuned for Segment 2 of The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump Concede? When Did He Ever Behave Like A Mensch?

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              Yesterday my wife walked into a mini-mart and bought some drinks and snacks for our Sunday drive. She came up to the counter, and told the young man running the shop that she was in a good mood because Biden had won. To which the kid replied, “Well, say goodbye to Orange Man,” and he laughed.

              In the column I posted yesterday, I referenced an article in The New York Times about a 27-year old kid who not only voted for Trump, but would continue to push his Presidency even after everyone agreed that he has lost.

              The liberal media has published I don’t know how many stories about how and why young people and people of color support Trump. After all, younger folks and minorities are supposed to be liberals, so when we dig up a conservative activist who’s under 30 or isn’t a White male, that’s really big news, right?

              When was the last time The New York Times or any other liberal media venue went out and asked a young kid why he didn’t like Trump? I didn’t notice anyone from CNN or MSNBC interviewing the TikTok gang when the kids blasted Trump’s hotline that asks people to call in with examples of voter ‘fraud,’

              Despite all the hot air about ‘fake news,’ the liberal media has gone out of its way to give Trump the benefit of every doubt. They cover his tweets as if they represent news, which only amplifies the size of the audience reached with that crap. They repeat without the slightest demur descriptions of Trump being ‘enraged’ or ‘angry’ whenever things don’t go his way, as if the President’s personal mood should be a basis for judging what the Administration does or doesn’t do.

              I should note, however, that the media did cover the last press conference held by anyone representing the White House, an event staged by Rudy Giuliani on Saturday that was billed by Trump as going off at the swanky Four Season Hotel. The only problem was that the press meet actually took place (thanks Paula) in the parking lot behind  an outfit that cuts grass  and is called the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Company. This is what the venue looked like when the event began:

              Incidentally, the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Company began selling merchandise on its website today to at least make a few bucks off of the White House press event. One of their items is a sticker which reads, ‘Make America Rake Again.’  If they start selling a shirt, I’m an XL and I’ll buy more than one.

              After Giuliani repeated the same list of so-called voting frauds that have been thrown out of every court, he then introduced a young man who claimed to have been a poll watcher for the Trump campaign but wasn’t allowed to see the ballots as they came in. “It’s such a shame. This is a democracy,” the young man named Daryl Brooks said.

              What Mr. Brooks didn’t way was that he was a convicted sex offender who did three years in jail for sexual assault, lewdness and endangering the welfare of a minor – no big deal. He also claimed to have run for various political offices, including the U.S. Senate and a seat in the U.S. House.

              Having this guy at the press conference was rather fitting because directly across the street from where he and Rudy were standing is a porno shop. I assume this store will also soon stock some merchandise to commemorate the big day:

              The latest word coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is that the Trump campaign is planning to hold some election-style rallies to push back on the idea that Joe is the President-Elect. It’s not clear whether Trump himself will show up at these events or where they’ll be held, but the program will include the reading of obituaries of people who allegedly voted last week.

              I have to assume that when Rudy got back to the White House, the first thing he did was to rush into the Oval Office to tell Trump that he’s ready to make a deal with a guy who can give him a bunch of names of dead people that can be used to prove voter fraud.

              Who’s Rudy’s new business partner? The guy who owns the cremation center that is also across the street from where Saturday’s press conference was held.

It’s been a great week, hasn’t it?

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