Here Comes the Civil War Part 2.


              Things have quieted down so much in D.C. that the only way the Fake News media can continue to attract any clicks to their websites at all is to forget about reportage, forget about events or fact, and just make it up. 

              Want an example?  Try this article in The Guardian which claims we are closer to a civil war than anyone would like to think. And what is the article based on?  A book which hasn’t yet been published, but what the hell, why not get some free publicity for the effort, right?

              The book’s author, Barbara Walter, a faculty member at the University of California, San Diego, says that when she puts America’s current political situation through a checklist that was developed by the CIA to gauge political stability in other countries, the United States has already experienced ‘pre-insurgency’ and ‘incipient conflict’ and is now entering into ‘open conflict’ represented by events like January 6th.

              Walter’s bleak and foreboding analysis is backed up by Sid Blumenthal, a long-time adviser to Bill and then Hillary Clinton, who believes we may be moving into a period of ‘low-intensity conflict’ with right-wing militia groups committing endless acts of violence. And what facts does Blumenthal use to base his analysis of the coming maelstrom that will bring us to civil war? The ‘proliferation of guns.’

              So, there you have it. All those schmucks who left their guns at home when they came to D.C. in January will return next time fully armed. And if you need more proof, try this Newsweek article based on an interview with some old fart in Georgia who is ready, willing and able to lead a million armed patriots to Washington, D.C. to stop Biden from “destroying this country.” And that’s a direct quote.

              How exactly Joe is destroying the country when unemployment is now under 5 percent and the Dow Jones has hit an all-time high is something that the old fart in Georgia doesn’t bother to explain.  And God forbid the Newsweek reporter would ask,

              Oh – of course. I forgot. Joe’s destroying America because he promotes the utterly stupid idea that mask mandates will help us get rid of Covid-19.  How silly of me to think that the President of the United States should base any governance idea on science or accepted fact.

              Back in the good old days, most people owned guns for hunting or sport shooting. Then around 2000 or so, when hunting and hunters began to disappear, the gun industry began promoting the idea of keeping a gun for self-defense. Meanwhile, between 2000 and 2010, the violent crime rate dropped by about 50 percent. Of course, the gun industry claimed that the country was safer precisely because more people were walking around with legally-purchased guns.

              In the last couple of years, however, the pro-gun narrative has shifted again. Now the reason you need to buy and carry a gun is not to protect yourself from the ordinary street thug. It’s to protect yourself from a tyrannical government which, of course, means a government run by Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and a few other left-wing, Deep State, Soros-funded threats.

              In this regard, the gun industry has always promoted its products by listening to what gun owners have to say. And what gun owners are saying is that they not only like Trump but want to see him back as the tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2024.

              And why do gun owners like Trump?  Because gun owners tend to be White men who drive trucks that get `12 miles to the gallon and live in the 13 Confederate states and the rural parts of the Midwestern states.  And it’s pretty tough to promote the idea in those places that you need a gun to protect yourself from some street thug unless the thug is some Black guy who’s in your neighborhood because he just stole something out of a newly-built house.

              But keeping a gun around to protect everyone’s Constitutional ‘rights?’ Who would ever argue with that one? That’s like apple pie or a can of beer for less than a buck.

              To all my dear liberal friends who are willing to believe that we are entering into a Civil War redux, let me break it to you gently, okay?

              Between 2001 and 2015, I sold more than 200 assault rifles like the AR-15 in my gun shop. And every buyer told me he was buying the gun because he wanted to make sure he had one around the house before the Democrats told him he couldn’t own that kind of gun.

              Know what all those guys did with their assault rifles which they bought to protect themselves from the tyrannical state?  They stuck the gun in the same corner of the basement where they stuck all their other guns.

What Should Mike Bloomberg Be Saying About Guns?


Tout à coup, Mayor Mike’s entry into the Presidential sweepstakes is beginning to look serious, and not just a function of the money he can spend. The most recent Morning Consult poll shows him beginning to pull even with Lizzie Warren, and by the way, Bloomberg’s increased numbers have come at the expense of the three leading contenders – Joe, Bern, Liz – all of whom have lost a bit of ground since Mike began to surge after December 29th.

I hate to give Sleazy Don any credit for anything, but I believe that some of Bloomberg’s support stems from the fact that being a business guy and being a politician is no longer a contradiction in terms. The only other candidate who promoted himself politically based on his business career, was Ross Perot, and all he accomplished back in 1992 was to get Bill Clinton into the White House with a minority of the popular vote. Gee, how come all my liberal friends weren’t complaining about the electoral college back then?

What makes Bloomberg really different from the other guys and gals still in the race, however, isn’t the fact that he can spend a gazillion dollars on his campaign. I signed up the day he announced and of all the candidates who send me daily emails, he’s the only one who has yet to ask me for one, thin dime. That’s a refreshing change.

What makes his candidacy different is the fact that for the first time the issue of gun violence would be front and center in a national campaign. Because if Bloomberg is known for anything, it’s not those bike lanes on New York City streets that are primarily used by the kids who deliver Chinese food; it’s not the tax he tried to put on soft drinks that was overturned by an appeals court; it’s not even his ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy which became a non-issue as soon as it was raised by other Democratic Presidential wannabees in the current campaign.

Front and center is the issue of guns. And most of Bloomberg’s baggage in this respect isn’t due so much to anything he has done or said, rather, it’s because he’s been a convenient target for Gun-nut Nation’s continued attempt to push the false issue of 2nd-Amendment ‘rights’ into the national debate.

The only thing Mike did in New York City to regulate gun ownership was to increase the annual license fee for owning a gun.  Now granted, a fee of $340 for a handgun renewal is a pretty steep price, but the good news is that you can now do the entire application process online. In the good old days, you had to shlep down to 1 Police Plaza, stand online in front of Mrs. Skeba’s desk, wait an hour or so for Jose to find your file, and wait another hour or so until your name was called. In other words, you lost an entire day of work. Frankly, I’d rather pay the $340 and avoid the trip downtown.

The law covering gun ownership in ‘da friggin’ city’ has been in effect since 1912. It hasn’t changed and it didn’t change under Mayor Mike. What did change during his mayoralty tenure was a steep decline in the number of New Yorkers shot with guns.  The year before he became Mayor, the city recorded 650 gun deaths; in his last year the number was 325. 

The 2020 Presidential campaign will probably come down to the same swing states that from blue to red in 2016 – Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida – a few more. If Mike is our candidate, you can bet your bottom or top dollar that Sleazy Don will pull out all the stops to sell himself as America’s staunchest supporter of gun ‘rights.’

What Bloomberg needs to do is sell himself as a supporter of everyone’s ‘right’ to walk down the street and not duck for cover if a gun goes off. That’s not a violation of the 2nd-Amendment; that’s common sense.


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