Yesterday Sleazy Don did what we knew he would do in the last weekend of the campaign – unleash an advertisement that is the single most racist, vulgar and stupid political statement ever to be the handiwork of any President of the United States. The good news is that if we can trust the polls (which is, in and of itself, something of a stretch) the blue team needs to just capture one toss-up race plus all the ‘likely’ and ‘leaning’ contests in order to reclaim the House.

trump wallace          For those who have been energized in this campaign season because of a continued concern about how to reduce violence from guns, the fact that Trump should appeal to one of his base constituencies – gun owners – by telling lie after lie should come as no surprise. As of this morning, our friends at the WaPo calculate that  in the 649 days of his Presidency (have we had to put up with this schmuck that long?) Sleazy Don has uttered 6,420 ‘false or misleading claims,’ which works out to ten lies each and every day.

Now the fact-checkers at the WaPo can continue to be polite by referring to this daily torrent of fake news as ‘false’ or ‘misleading’ claims, but in fact, most if not all of this stinking verbiage happens to be outright lies. The definition of a lie is when you say something which you consciously know not to be true. When Sleazy Don tells the rabid audiences at his rallies that George Soros paid for the immigrant caravan, he’s saying something he knows isn’t true.  What’s the difference between locking up Hillary in a jail cell at Danbury or locking up Soros in a boxcar that will take him to Auschwitz?  No difference. No difference at all.

But as I said above, none of this should come as any kind of surprise to my friends in Gun-control Nation, because Gun-nut Nation has been promoting their agenda in similar, false fashion for many years.  Do you think there’s the slightest bit of truth behind the idea that owning a gun keeps you ‘free?’  Oh, I forgot.  Better keep that AR-15 handy to protect yourself from those jack-booted thugs that gun-grabbers like Mike Bloomberg will order to break in your door and take away all your guns.

And that’s the biggest lie of all; the lie that the NRA is America’s ‘first civil rights organization.’  Now the fact (the word ‘fact’ means that it’s true) that Elizabeth Cady Stanton and a group came together at Seneca Falls in 1848 and published a manifesto calling for women’s ‘rights,’ means that what the NRA claims is simply not true.  Not true as in it’s a lie.  Why should we be upset when Trump says he’s going to rewrite the Constitution and ban citizenship by birthright?  After all, he made his appearance on the political stage by inventing another lie about birthright citizenship. Remember that Obama wasn’t born in the United States?

You would think that I would be all hot bothered by the fact that some of Sleazy Don’s biggest lies come straight from the playbook of the NRA. In fact, I’m not. What seems to be missing in all the complaints about how Trump just lies and lies is the recognition that he holds an entirely different view of politics and political rhetoric from the guys who sat behind the Resolute desk before he arrived.

Trump’s a business guy, that’s all he is. And business guys live by one and only one belief, namely, say whatever you have to say until the product sells. And what’s the name of the product that Trump sells? It’s called Trump.

Which happens to be exactly what the NRA has been doing for the last 25 or 30 years; selling guns and saying whatever has to be said to make a sale.  Is there something wrong with that? To the contrary – selling a product and making a buck happens to be the American way.