Want To Protect Yourself From Covid-19? Buy A Shield.


              Yesterday my American Rifleman magazine arrived, so I sat down, made a coffee, and had a good read. I have yet to meet a single member from any of the gun-control organizations who reads American Rifleman because I have yet to meet a single follower of Gun-control Nation who is also a member of the NRA.

              Now how you can spend time, energy and money trying to reduce the influence of an organization without knowing how that particular organization argues its case is beyond me. But lots of things are beyond me, so let’s just leave it at that.

              In any case, this month’s issue featured a review of a new product from Smith & Wesson, whose factory is right down the road from where I live. The product is a gun called the Shield Plus, which happens to be the pistol pictured above.

              Like most of the company’s products, this gun is designed to be attractive to consumers who believe they want to have a gun at the ready to protect themselves from all those bad guys walking around. And since the number of bad guys has increased substantially since the ‘China flu’ arrived, obviously we should all be carrying a gun.

              Incidentally, for all the talk about how everyone rushed out to buy a gun to protect themselves from the virus, or from the BLM marauders, or the Antifa gang, in fact March purchases of handguns this year dropped by almost 20% from the same month a year ago. No wonder S&W stock has been sitting at $18 a share since last September, down from $22 a share in 2016. The Dow has almost doubled over that same period of time. Oh well, oh well.

              Now back to the Shield Plus. The gun called the ‘plus’ because it has been redesigned to hold more ammunition – the extended magazine holds 13 rounds and with a live one in the chamber you’re walking around with 14 rounds.

              How big is this gun which holds enough ammunition to mow down half the entire roster of the New York Mets?  Try this: 6 inches long from end to end. My droid is almost 6 inches long. How much does the gun weigh? A little over 1 pound.

              I can fit this weapon with this immense amount of military-grade firepower into the front pocket of my pants or the shirt pocket of the jacket I wear when I go out on the golf course and I won’t even know that I have the gun with me.

              There is simply no other consumer product that represents this degree of lethality. And by the way, the whole deal will set you back around $500 bucks. Yesterday I bought a new battery for my car which cost me $250 bucks. What’s $500 bucks? Nothing.

              There is only one reason why S&W is making a gun which is both this deadly and this small. And it’s a reason you will never hear mentioned in all the advertisements for this gun. The reason goes like this.

              What the gun industry is selling these days is not just lethality based on the number of military-grade ammunition you can fire before you have to reload your gun. What they’re really selling is lethality based on – ready? – stealth.

              The problem is that there are lots of places where you can’t take a gun. You can’t usually bring a gun into public spaces like theaters and shopping malls, you can’t bring a gun into most schools. If anything, the recent uptick in mass shootings will only make us more, not less accepting of the idea that we should all be walking around armed.

              But for the gun nuts and wannabe gun nuts who buy into the nonsense that the ‘bad guys’ can be stopped if all the ‘good guys’ have guns, the gun market will continue to be dominated by products as small and concealable as the Shield Plus.

              Now where did I put my car keys?

Josh Montgomery: Guns as Fashion Pieces. Why Not?


Best Looking Small Guns to Fit Every Pocket

Usually, a gun is purchased to provide protection. But is there anything wrong with taking other aspects into consideration, such as the size and look? Well, as long as you have the funds to buy something more unusual and unique, it’s really not a problem. It’s your own money into play, after all.

But it’s often hard for us to find something visually pleasing and effective at the same time. It’s not impossible, though – you just need to research more. Don’t worry, because you’ll see some beautiful and well-performing models below. Who knows, you may even find your next handgun in this list.

  1. Bond BullPup9

Who wouldn’t love this small-sized, Texas-styled gun? It’s eye candy, and apart from the attention-grabbing aspect, the handgun itself is very good.

This little gun works with most ammunition, but you really need to be careful when you make the selection. If you use uncrimped ammo, the force of the pull may actually set the bullet and casing apart. This could result in the malfunction of the firearm, as the gun powder will be spread into the magazine.

But overall, the design of the gun is what makes it so special in the first place. Unlike other semi-automatic guns where the ammunition is pushed forward into the chamber, the BullPup9 has its rounds pulled from behind.

The handgun has a short barrel and a 9mm chamber. The whole gun only measures 5 inches, out of which 3.35 is only the barrel. It was quite challenging for the designers, but it will be easy to conceal and carry around for you. And rightfully so, you’ll be proud to have it on you thanks to the wonderful design.

  • Kimber Micro

If you want something even smaller than the BullPup9, you have the option to choose a Kimber Micro. It only measures 4.07 inches in length, and it is 1.06 inches wide. That’s really small and makes it easy to hide and take with you.

This little guy may not be the best choice for target shooting, but you can rest assured it will do its job when you need to defend yourself in a risky situation. The recoil is moderate while the trigger can be pulled smoothly, ensuring a nice yet secure feel when shooting.

A Kimber Micro is a great choice if you want something small and easy to conceal while being a pleasure to look at.

  • Beretta Pico

This one is certainly one of the smallest handguns to come across, if not the smallest. It only has a 2.7 inches barrel, with the whole length being 5.1 inches, and the width being 0.71 inches. But the fact that it’s so tiny is what makes it a very useful alternative if you want a defensive pistol.

Aside from its 6+1 capacity and the .380 capacity, the gun was also provided with an ambidextrous magazine release, adjustable sights, and low-recoil system. But that’s not all there is to it: it’s also beautiful thanks to its rounded profile. You’ll surely love it.

  • Colt Mustang XSP

The Colt Mustang is yet another .380 that will be easy to conceal. The bullets it uses are enough to cause harm, and the coolest thing is that it can be hidden very easily. You’ll surprise your attacker when they think they have the upper hand.

Colt has come back into business with two new models that contain some components from the old Colt Mustang. The Colt Mustang Pockelite is one such model – in addition to the .380, it has a length of 5.5 inches, with a .757-inch slide width and a capacity of 6+1.

Do you think that’s all that makes this gun such a gem? Because it’s not. The design will make you fall in love with the weapon on spot. Basically, it has a Commander-style hammer, while the frame is of aluminum alloy, which has an electroless nickel finish. Likewise, the slide has a brushed gloss that adds to its charm.

  • Ruger LCP II

What you’ll love about this LCP is that you will find it in most gun shops. It’s quite popular, so it’s not really a surprise that you’re very likely to stumble upon it.

The appearance will please your eyes. It’s black, but the compact design adds a lot of detail to it. The curves and iron sights make it breathtaking, and you’ll most likely be very proud to pull this pistol out of your pocket when you need to use it. It is also quite small, so don’t worry about it taking too much space.

The pistol is 5.17 inches with 2.75 inches being just the barrel. Additionally, it has a caliber of .380 ACP, whereas the capacity is 6+1. It’s very practical and comes at a good price for the reliability it’s able to provide – so, you should consider it when looking for a concealed gun.

  • Walther PPK

If you want to feel like a new James Bond, it’s not difficult, not as long as this gun is in your possession. The luxurious design lets you stand tall in front of potential attackers and shoot with style when deemed necessary. Of course, the gun itself is not exactly new. In fact, the first time it has been seen was in 1930. Nevertheless, it has been redone recently.

Its controls are meant for right-handed people. It has a .380 caliber, with a 6+1 magazine. It is small and easy to conceal, and that’s a very important aspect when it comes to pistols for self-defense.

The design is easy to recognize and distinguish from that of other small guns. It has a stainless-steel frame that catches the eye of every gun lover.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong with caring about the look of your self-defense pistol. You need to find the best one to suit your tastes – and that means a small gun that fits in your pocket, works smoothly and looks the part.

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