In the past, one would think that nearing 2020, we would have a lot of flying cars, robots, and other fancy futuristic items. Plus, every Terminator fan would watch the movies, thinking how fancy those weapons look – and how unlikely it is for us to see anything like that in the near future.

Well, it’s 2019, and while we may not have flying cars, we have the world armory growing more and more every year. While the guns of the past look so “western” and old-fashioned, the world armory nowadays looks like someone dived into the Terminator 7 armory and took the guns out from there.

So, here are some examples of guns that make it look that the World Armory is preparing for a new Terminator movie.

·       The AA12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun

As far as the Terminator movies go, it is likely that in the 7th installment, the guns will take a life of their own and start shooting the targets themselves. This is why a gun such as the AA12 Atchisson assault shotgun is something you would definitely find in Terminator 7.

This gun can fire around 300 rounds per minute – which is perfect, especially when you have enemies surrounding you from every corner. Plus, compared to other shotguns, this one has reduced recoil – making it perfect when you have to get back on your feet quick and find your other enemies.

  • The Armatix iP1

The Armatix iP1 is one of the safest futuristic guns – and the one you always want to have around if you tend to drop your gun in a brawl. Considering that this gun needs a fingertip enabled watch in close proximity – 25 cm distance, at most – there’s almost no risk of someone using this gun against you.

So, if you drop your gun and someone picks it up to shoot you with it, they’ll find out that the gun cannot be fired. This would certainly save your life in a Terminator situation, where guns are flying all around the place. It is also compact, so it is the perfect kind of gun for a surprise.

  • The CornerShot

Lt. Col. Amos Golan from the Defense Forces of Israel created the CornerShot – a gun that would allow you to shoot a target from around a corner. This gun was initially designed for terrorist situations where hostages were taken – but considering its futuristic design, it is difficult to imagine how this gun would not play a good role in Terminator 7.

  • The XM23 CDTE

When you are in a Terminator situation, you may have a bunch of enemies coming at you with a thirst for blood – and you will have to get rid of all of them at once. So why not use a grenade (or a couple of them) to get that done? This is why it is not unimaginable to think that this gun would have a special place in the Terminator 7 armory as well.

The CDTE is practically a gun-looking grenade launcher that would send grenades through the air like footballs. Plus, since the gun can be tracked and detonated at any second, it makes the weapon perfect for a life or death situation. Considering that the gun has also received the nickname The Punisher, it’s actually a perfect fit for Terminator 7.

  • The PHASR Rifle

There’s something futuristic and sci-fi-like about this gun. It is not exactly a bullet-based gun – and in truth, it’s not even lethal. But it can sure be convenient when you have a bunch of angry creatures coming at you – and you have nowhere to run. 

So what does the PHASR rifle do? Well, it’s a non-lethal weapon, so it obviously doesn’t kill – but it can stun your enemy. The laser that it has been equipped with can temporarily blind the target, making them disoriented and allowing you to make a run for it. The weapon is still being worked on – but by the time Terminator 7 comes around the corner, so will this gun.

  • The FN P90 Compact Rifle

This compact assault rifle is shaped like nothing you’ve probably seen before, being a gun you’d most likely see in a video game – or a Terminator movie, for instance. Only that unlike those guns from video games, this one is as real as it could possibly be.

What makes this weapon outstanding is the fact that it has an incredible fire rate – one that can get rid of a lot of your enemies in a very short time. It’s a perfect fit for the Terminator 7 world – and it’s amazing to know that such a weapon actually exists in the world armory.

  • The FN Five-Seven Pistol

When your life is on the line, you can’t always carry large shotguns with you wherever you go. Sometimes, you may just need a small, yet powerful gun that you can take out at short notice.

This gun is so deadly that a civilian can only buy it with sporting ammunition; imagine what it could do with actual ammunition. It can practically penetrate any kind of armor, giving it a Terminator 7 vibe that can kill every target.

Plus, it is extremely lightweight despite having a large capacity. This way, even if you have to carry the gun around for many hours, you should not be inconvenienced by it.

  • Full Conceal M3G43

When you are going full Terminator, compact weapons are your best friends – and this super compact concealed carry gun is exactly what would fit the Terminator 7 movie set. Whenever you would be attacked, you would have to take out the gun, unfold it – and start shooting. It can carry around 12 bullets, making it perfect for surprise situations.

Final Thoughts

We may not have flying cars – but we have guns that look sci-fi enough to be thrown into the Terminator 7 movie. The world armory today is so advanced that we are not even surprised by laser-shooting guns anymore. They seem natural. Deadly, but natural.