It’s Been Fun.

This column will be my 1,412th piece published on this website since May 2, 2013. It will also be the last. Don’t worry – I’m feeling fine and will be around, but it’s time I move onto other things.

Last month I agreed to help a group called Conservation Centers for Animal Survival organize a national fundraising campaign and I simply do not have the time to engage in that important activity and continue to operate this blog.

I hope my efforts here have created some food for thought and I will certainly continue to stay involved in the gun debate.

I want to thank my many Contributing Editors for the articles they wrote, as well as the many readers who took the time to send comments about site content which either excited them or pissed them off. I enjoyed what everyone had to say.

Best wishes and thanks again for your interest in my little endeavor.

7 thoughts on “It’s Been Fun.

  1. I’m sure you’ll help folks better understand the critical need to save endangered animal species just as you’ve helped us better understand the equally critical need to save our own endangered species from too many guns! -Steve Klitzman, Chair, Temple Sinai (DC) Gun Violence Prevention Group, Co-Organizer, DC Area Interfaith Network to Prevent Gun Violence.

  2. I was with you for a relatively short time, but always looked forward to your rational and authoritative comments. Thanks and of course, good luck!

  3. Thanks for giving my voice a platform to address the role firearms play in nearly 23,000 suicides every year, the overwhelming majority of which are white males who are more likely to use a gun. Temporary removal from those in a crisis whether voluntary or by extreme risk aka red flag law is crucial and proven to prevent many suicides. You raised the level of discourse on the critical issue of public safety and firearms regulation. Best of luck doing good for animals too.

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